All of our bases are fully insulated and damp proofed. They are laid by very experienced professional builders who have worked for us for many years and laid a vast quantity and variety of conservatory bases. Rest assured this most important part of your conservatory project is safe in our hands.

Most importantly of all, after the base is laid it is then given 7-10 days to set BEFORE the frames are erected. This is good practice; frames should not be erected onto a newly laid base.
Also, this good practice allows us to  Survey (measure) the base. Only at this point are the frames and roof ordered. This ensures that the frames and roof are the exact size to match your base eliminating the possibility of a poor fit or misalignment. If you want your conservatory to be leak free then be very wary of companies who do not follow this best practice.

Bases are generally laid in the following sequence:

Stage 1


  • Firstly the site is cleared in preparation to dig the footings.
  • Then a trench is dug 450-900mm deep (depending on Soil Conditions) and 450mm wide.
  • The trench is filled with Grade A concrete and allowed to go off overnight.

Stage 2

Floor Slab

  • Lay engineering bricks up to damp course level.
  • A damp proof membrane is then laid to cover the whole floor up to damp course level.
  • On an average base of 3m x 3m a tonne of hardcore is then used to form the foundation for the concrete floor slab. The hardcore is whacked and compressed down.
  • Then 100mm Floor Insulation is put down.
  • Back filled with 100-150mm of Grade A Cement (Ready Mix) which conforms to All Building Regulations.
  • This is then Float Finished to leave a smooth surface.

Stage 3

Dwarf Wall

  • Build up 8 Courses (600mm) with a Twin Cavity Wall, which is 250mm thick.
  • 2 x Brick @ 100mm with a 50mm Cavity (Fully Insulated).
  • The bricks used will be the Best Match to the Property.
  • The Base is then given 7 – 10 days to set before the Conservatory is erected.