Official Police Security Initiative

Arena uses the same Window and Door system (Deceuninck), when building conservatories or replacing windows & doors in houses. The Deceuninck system has the very latest security features designed in as standard. This system complies with the “Official Police Security Initiative” as explained below. Please note that as this is a manufacturing specification it is our manufacturer “VALE WINDOWS” that actually hold the certification, not Arena Conservatories Ltd.

Welcome to “Secured by Design”

The official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’

Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention at the design, layout and construction stages of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

Effective Security

Faced with a wide range of products it is often difficult to know how effective they are. It is true to say that given time, sophisticated power tools or inside information security may eventually be beaten. Good prevention denies the use of normally available tools, increases the risk for the thief perhaps by increasing the noise, effort and time to steal, or reduces the value to the thief.

To assist you make choices Secured by Design has identified a range of test standards that indicate products which are more likely to resist common forms of attack and therefore give better protection.

Please note that Secured by Design does not guarantee the products, but offers a route to understanding and benefiting from the technical standards that indicate reasonable resilience to attack.

Members & Products

The Secured by Design membership scheme currently includes more than 350 companies whose products have been awarded the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status.

The SBD logo and title ‘Police Preferred Specification’ logo indicates that an organisation meets the quality standards set by Secured by Design. Usage of the logo is restricted to exclusively to those products that have successfully tested to SBD requirements.