Conservatory security

Conservatories are a great way of enjoying the benefits of being outdoors whilst still maintaining the comfort of being inside. There’s a common misconception that they can be easy to break in to, but with the right security measures, they can be as secure as any other room.

You might think that a few locks might be the answer, but there are plenty more sophisticated devices out there if you know where to look. Having as ample security as you can afford will not only help your home to be protected against theft, but it could also have a positive impact on the price you pay for your insurance premium. Insurers see well-protected homes as less of a risk than ones with less security measures due to the decreased chances of burglary and theft. Therefore, the price you pay for your insurance could be cheaper.

Internal beading for the panes of glass in your conservatory will prevent would-be thieves from removing the glass externally and it is a must. If, like many conservatory owners, you choose to have a model with a glass roof, make sure the glass is toughened.

Likewise, multi-point locking systems should be installed. Most UPVC doors have these as standard. They are important, as thieves will not be able to kick down the door as easily as they would with a single-point system.

When it comes to windows, they should be fitted with a shoot bolt locking mechanism. These push two bolts into the window frame. They should also be fitted with force-resistant hinges, as well as the doors.

With any devices, make sure they are ‘police preferred’. These sorts of locks meet police`s Secured By Design scheme, in which security is built into the design, layout and construction.

Whilst the measures you make to your actual conservatory can help security, external factors can play a part in its safety, too. For instance, hedges with thorns can make a prickly and effective deterrent to thieves. High walls or fencing is a good idea and always make sure that any gates are shut.

You could also install blinds or curtains to your conservatory to ensure that anything valuable inside isn’t on show.

It’s always worth taking extra measures when it comes to the door that connects your conservatory to the rest of your house, if it isn’t open plan. If burglars manage to infiltrate the conservatory, then it will be much more difficult to get in to where you, your belongings and your family will be.

When it comes to your home insurance, renewing an existing policy with your current insurer might not always be a good idea: shopping around could mean you find a better deal. A good way to start your search is online, using a comparison site. These allow you to quickly compare the prices and features of cheap home insurance quotes from many different companies, with little fuss. It’s always important to carefully consider the features of the policy as well as the price, so you can be certain that the cover you get is adequate.